Mod-Sin Canapés




Steam Chawanmushi Topped with Cod Fish, Citrus Dressing & Crispy Ginger

“Old Fashioned” House Cure Salmon with Orange Aioli & Kumquat Gel

Sous Vide Chicken Rolled with Spicy Pineapple Chutney & Ginger Flower

Modern “Xiao Long Bao” (Marinated Chicken with Superior Chicken Stock Set with Unusual Skin Served with Vinegar & Ginger

Deep Fried Beef Rendang with Potato Espuma & Curry Cream

Braised Daikon with Dashi Topped with Wakame (Veg)

Nasi Kunyit with Limau Perut Chicken “Sushi”

Butternut Squash Gel with Vegetable Stew, Dehydrated Lotus (Veg)

Crispy Angelica Braised Duck with House Spicy Kaffir Lime Aloli

Deep Sea Prawn Roulade with Sambal, Coconut Espuma


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