Sustainability in Catering

Sustainability is an essential factor in every aspect of life today, including event planning and catering. Organising an environmentally sustainable event mitigates environmental harm, conveys a positive image of your organisation's commitment to ethical behaviour, and aligns with the goals outlined in the Singapore Green Plan 2030.
When planning your upcoming event, there are several critical strategies and factors to keep in mind regarding sustainable catering.

White Wedding catering table set with empty glasses and chairs
Sit-down Event at Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay

Venue Selection and Event Invitation

We place significant emphasis on the sustainability of your event when choosing a venue.

Choose venues with Water Efficient Building or Green Mark Platinum certification to ensure eco-friendly standards and reduce resource consumption. Encourage attendees to wear cooler attire on hot days to save more energy.

Encourage carpooling and transit use. Provide shuttles from nearby transit hubs to reduce carbon emissions from individual vehicles.

Catering Practices

Catering is an essential component of any occasion, and implementing sustainable practices in it can yield significant results. Start by catering for the expected number of attendees, or even slightly fewer, to reduce food waste. It's important that the client and caterer discuss the right food quantities, especially for items like rice and noodles that often go to waste during events.

Choose caterers who prioritise sustainable ingredients and are Farm-to-Table certified, or have similar standards. Avoid controversial dishes featuring endangered species. Reduce waste by using reusable cutlery and encouraging participants to bring their own cups and containers. When using disposable items, choose compostable or biodegradable options.

Event Materials and Collaterals

Embrace paperless event materials and registration. Choose eco-friendly paper for the necessary printouts. Avoid disposable bags, opting for reusable alternatives. Use reusable designs for event badges and lanyards to reduce post-event waste.

Electricity and Waste Management

Efficient use of electricity is critical during events. Use energy-saving lighting and equipment for t decor and stage sets. Choose LED lights or lamps with excellent energy efficiency ratings to reduce power consumption.

Proper waste management is crucial for sustainability. Place recycling bins alongside trash cans labelled for recyclables. Educate guests on how to separate food waste. Incorporate these green future strategies into event planning and catering.

Finding a Sustainable Caterer

One of the most important aspects of event planning is finding a caterer who shares your commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Here are some reasons why LAVISH is your best option for sustainable catering.

Local Sourcing

LAVISH prioritises sourcing local ingredients whenever possible. Supporting local farmers and producers, not only ensures the freshness and quality of our food but also reduces the carbon footprint of long-distance transportation.

QR Code for e-Menu at Western Set Course Event
QR Code for e-Menu at Western Set Course Event

Paperless Operations

Our strategic shift to paperless operations, which includes electronic invoicing, confirmations, and communications, is critical for reducing our environmental footprint. Industry leaders like Grab and TrendMicro have embraced our success in promoting e-menus, which not only benefits the environment but also enhances operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Selection of Vegetarian/Meatless Options
Selection of Vegetarian/Meatless Options

Vegan/Vegetarian Options

Our menu offers a variety of plant-based/meatless options, like Tacos Live Station and Plant-based Canapes, that are both delicious and healthy. To name a few, we offer dishes like (from left to right):

  • - Mini Slider with Cucumber and Beetroot Relish
  • - Vegetables & Fresh Fruits & Pineapple Puree
  • - Breaded Meatless “Chicken” with Mango Puree
  • - Marinated Meatless “Chicken” in Hot Pepper Dressing
  • - Marinated Tomato & Pickled Zucchini

Plant-based dishes reduce the carbon footprint associated with animal agriculture, making them a more environmentally friendly option for your function.

Full setup for Cocktail Canapes Event with upcycled pallets from Creuse
Full setup for Cocktail Canapes Event with upcycled pallets from Creuse

Upcycled Materials

We combine creativity and sustainability by collaborating with local businesses, such as Creuse, to redesign event setups using upcycled materials. We strive to reduce waste while increasing resource efficiency, from decor to serving stations

Compostable/Biodegradable Wares

To reduce plastic consumption, we collaborate with industry leaders like Biopak and local sustainability startups like This alliance enables us to use FSC-certified paper and compostable/biodegradable packaging for our napkins, cups, and other disposables. In addition to compostable/biodegradable wares, we encourage our clients to use porcelain and cutlery, ensuring that your occasion has a low environmental impact

Preferred by Sustainable Venues

LAVISH is proud to be a preferred catering partner for venues that prioritise sustainability, such as Gardens by the Bay and the National Museum. Our shared commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that your event meets the highest levels of sustainability.

As the catering landscape evolves with sustainability, it is crucial to strive for ever-greater eco-friendliness in your events. Contact us today to find out how LAVISH can be your partner on this journey towards sustainability.