Lavish Dine Catering

Mod-Asian Canapés

Mod-Asian Canapés

Cold Chawanmushi, Tartar of Hokkaido Scallop, Spring Onion Foam

Braised Daikon, Fungus Salad, Deep Fried Lotus Roots

Spicy Roast Duck, Charcoal Cone, Coconut Espuma

Grilled Unagi with Mantou, Pickle Cucumber, Mentaiko Cream

Mini Pie Tie Shell, Beef Rendang, Curry Cream

Chicken Rice “Sushi”

Gula Melaka Mousse with Mango Jelly

Chocolate Banana Tart



Incentive Trip for Global Logistic Conference


Silver Leaf, Gardens by the Bay


Guests are all flown in from all parts of the world for a F1 experience. Part of the fringe pre F1 activities.

We showcased the best of Asian delights into bite sized hors-d’oeuvre before they proceed to the Hospitality Suite for Singapore GP.

Chicken Rice, Roast Duck, Beef Rendang – all the hot favourites and much loved delights are given a modern twist in presentation whilst still maintaining its original taste.


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