Lavish BBQ Catering: An Exceptional Grilling Experience

Indulge in savoury BBQ delicacies and craft unforgettable dining experiences at your selected location.

BBQ for Event Catering

Taste of Asian

Explore the delightful Taste of Asian through our carefully crafted dishes, offering a sensory journey filled with diverse and vibrant flavours.
15 courses | Min. 40 pax, starting from $55++/pax

BBQ International flavours for event catering

International Flavours

Savour the rich tapestry of International Flavours with our culinary offerings, an exquisite journey through global cuisine for discerning palates.
16 courses | Min. 40 pax, starting from $68++/pax

Personalised BBQ Experience

Take your event or gathering to the next level: LAVISH BBQ provides the chef-for-hire service for an additional fee, ensuring a personalised dining experience for you and your guests.