Buffet Catering for All Occasions

LAVISH understands the role of catering for unforgettable events. We provide diverse buffet options for all occasions, ensuring your unique needs are met.


Classic Buffet

Experience a global culinary journey with our LAVISH Classic Buffet, featuring diverse flavours from around the world, perfect for adventurous diners.
Min. 40 pax, starting from $28.00++/pax


Nusantara Series Buffet

Experience Singapore and Southeast Asia through our LAVISH Nusantara Buffet, a culinary journey celebrating regional flavours and cherished traditions, offering an authentic dining adventure.
Min. 40 pax, starting from $35.00++/pax


Contemporary Buffet

Craft a personalised 3-course adventure at our LAVISH Contemporary Buffet, where you curate and savour the flavours, making each bite a masterpiece.
Min. 30 pax, starting from $38.00++/pax


Tea Reception

Our delightful selection of treats, encompassing a variety of light bites, dim sum, and sweet cakes, is ideal for a quick energy boost.

Min. 30 pax, starting from $18.00++/pax



Our options include delectable snacks, savoury lunches, and rejuvenating beverages, ensuring your guests are well-nourished and energised throughout the day.
Min. 30 pax, Starting from $42.00++/pax

Buffet Delivery Made Easy

LAVISH makes event planning effortless with our buffet delivery service. Contact us today for an impressive catering experience in Singapore.