Redefined Classics - Japanese, Peranakan & Western Buffets

LAVISH elevates dining to an adventure with our diverse Contemporary Buffet, promising culinary excellence for all tastes. Craft a personalised 3-course adventure at our LAVISH Contemporary Buffet, where you curate and savour the flavours, making each bite a masterpiece.


Western Epicurean Flavours

Experience European elegance at its finest with the LAVISH Western Epicurean Contemporary Buffet, a journey that elevates your event with sophistication and artistry

Min. 30 pax, starting from $38.00++/pax


Japanese Yoshoku Choice

Savour the fusion of Japanese culinary traditions and international inspiration with the LAVISH Japanese Yoshoku Contemporary Buffet, offering a familiar yet exciting dining experience.

Min. 30 pax, starting from $45.00++/pax


Peranakan Bibik’s Delights

Explore a fusion of tradition and innovation with the LAVISH Peranakan Bibik's Contemporary Buffet, where a rich tapestry of flavours and heritage awaits discovery.

Min. 30 pax, starting from $42.00++/pax

LAVISH Enhanced Dining

We redefine catering, turning the conventional buffet into a bespoke 3-course dining affair tailored to your preferences and tastes.