Canapés & Cocktail Reception Catering

Serve up meticulously crafted culinary delights with elegance. Whether it's a corporate event or a special celebration, indulge your guests with savoury and sweet bite-sized treats, perfect for both cocktail receptions and butler-served events. Sophistication meets exquisite taste.

Lavish Canapes by butler for Catering

Served Canapés

Celebrate your event with LAVISH-Served Canapés. Served canapés, when presented by a butler, elevate the art of hospitality to a refined level. Our canapés are not just bite-sized delights but also culinary art pieces, thoughtfully designed to tantalise your senses. Every canapé is a masterpiece, showcasing the creativity and expertise of our culinary artisans.

Cocktail Reception for buffet catering in Singapore

Cocktail Reception

Enhance your experience with our exquisite range of innovative one-bite canapés, flavourful appetisers, delicate petit fours, and revitalising beverages. Feast your eyes on a sustainable modern origami display, a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Elevate your festivity's visual appeal while maintaining our commitment to sustainability and style. It's the perfect choice for those seeking an eco-conscious and visually stunning display option.

Starting from $38.00++/ pax

Why Choose Us for Canapés Catering in Singapore?

Savour culinary excellence with LAVISH's premium canapés catering service. Transforming events with delightful bite-sized treats is not just a service; it is an art we have honed to create unforgettable experiences.Corporate events demand a unique approach to catering that reflects professionalism, convenience, and taste. Our corporate bento catering service in Singapore excels in meeting these requirements.

Culinary Expertise

Our culinary team comprises seasoned chefs who are passionate about crafting exquisite canapés that ignite the senses. With years of experience and a deep understanding of flavour profiles, they transform the finest ingredients into bite-sized works of art. Whether it is a corporate luncheon or an upscale get-together, our canapés are meticulously designed to tantalise taste buds and leave a lasting impression.


We recognise that every event is unique, and our approach to canapés catering reflects this understanding. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor menus that align with their preferences and event theme. Our customisable options ensure that each bite-sized delight reflects the spirit and style of the occasion, making your event truly memorable. Bespoke vegetarian and special dietary options are available upon request to ensure all your guests' needs are met.

Service Excellence

We understand the unique demands of canapés catering, where attention to detail and precision are paramount. Our team excels at delivering seamless and memorable catering experiences tailored specifically for events, which include canapés catering. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to surpassing expectations, we ensure flawless execution in every aspect of your event. Our attentive staff curates a delightful culinary journey for your guests, leaving them impressed and thoroughly satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We measure our success not only by the quality of our canapés but also by the smiles of delight on our clients' faces. Your feedback fuels our passion for continuous improvement, inspiring us to innovate and refine our offerings to ensure that every event we cater to is a resounding success. From corporate functions to private celebrations, our commitment to excellence in canapés catering ensures that your event is a memorable and gastronomic experience.

Choose LAVISH for canapés catering in Singapore and take your event to extraordinary culinary heights. Discover the distinction with us, where each canapé embodies a tale of passion, ingenuity, and unmatched flavour. Experience the essence of culinary artistry, ensuring your event is a feast for the senses.